Advent Calendars

I woke up kinda meh yesterday until I realized, it’s the first Sunday of December! It’s Advent Calendar time! I love this time of year since I’ve been ordering the She Reads Truth Advent Calendars for several years now. It’s just such a wonderful way to remind oneself of the reason for the season and the lead up to the main event of Jesus’ birth.

I also love the other fun stuff Advent brings, like small gifts, the lighting of candles, and scripture readings. A few years ago now I made an Advent Calendar tree on the blog and I’m rehashing it to share it with you once again.

Advent Calendar DIY

This DIY requires little woodshop skill, but you will need to have a way to cut your wood to fit the shelf sizes.

For the Advent Calendars that require adding a little gift, such as this one, I love adding small notes, token gifts, candies/chocolates or even pieces of one large gift into the boxes! It is really so much fun to do when you are doing it with a significant other or child.

Get —->>> Advent Calendar Tree DIY! 

More fun Advent Calendar DIYs

I’ve also found these other simple Advent Calendars for you to check out!

This fun and simple printable calendar by Willowday!

Or this beautiful one by Whipperberry!

Whatever you choose to do make sure you share it with someone and focus on the meanings behind it all. Traditions are a wonderful thing to start and teach from!


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