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Copper Pipe Blanket Holder

Hey everyone! So I’m back with yet another DIY 🙂 And this one is by request, so it makes it even more special! I recently got an email from my sister requesting a Copper Pipe Blanket Holder like she’d seen online. She said that if I couldn’t get to it, she’d just make it herself (to which I laughed so hard I’m sure she heard me down where she lives). But of course, as little sisters often do I dropped everything to make this happen for her. SO- this DIY goes out to all the big and little sisters out there! (And I do mean blood, not sorority. Although I guess that works too) 😉

Alright, this one is quite simple- no major power tools needed! Just one small hand tool and a lot of elbow grease.

You’ll need: 1 Tube Cutter (should fit at least the 1/2 in pipe) / 4 Copper Pipes at 1/2 inch X 5 ft long / 4 1/2 in. Copper Pressure Tees / 8 1/2 in. Copper Elbow 90 degrees

Cut list: 2 pipes at 3 ft  / 2 pipes at 2 1/2 ft / 4 pipes at 18 in. / 2 pipes at 11.5 in

DIY Copper Blanket Holder

If you’ve never used a tube cutter, then prepare to be amazed! The tool basically winds the copper down until it snaps. So, to start off mark your point on your pipe. This first one is at 36 inches for the 3 ft pipe.

DIY Copper Pipe Blanket Holder

Turn the little dial so that your pipe cutter fits the pipe in, and then turn the wheel so that it tightens on the pipe.

You don’t want it too loose on the pipe or it’ll skew off when you start turning it. You also don’t want it too tight or it’ll be really hard to start off.

So once you’ve clamped it on, you can start turning the cutter around the pipe with you hand. Go around it a few times, then when you reaching the point where you started, tighten the wheel a little more. Repeat and repeat.

Here’s what happens if it the wheel is too loose:

DIY Copper Blanket Holder

It starts looking like the top of a soda bottle when you cap it and it’s really hard to cut. But if you start off tight enough and keep it straight as you turn it around the tube, after a few rounds it should snap right off on its own.

DIY Copper Blanket Holder

And that’s one! Continue until you’ve got your whole cut list done.

Now, when you get to the 11.5 inch pipes, you’re going to want to divide these into 3 parts.

DIY Copper Blanket Holder

The two 11.5 inches pipes are going to be the sides of the holder so you need to cut the tube into three to fit the copper tees. The small middle tube needs to be 2 1/2 inches long. Starting at one end measure out 4 1/2 inches and mark it. Then do the same starting at the opposite end. Measure the space in between the marks (which should measure out 2 1/2 inches long). Cut your pipes at those marks!

AND now is the elbow grease part (and you thought it was at the pipe cutting part pfft) !

So these guys can be a little tricky. Very unlike the plastic PVC pipes, these guys take a LOT of convincing to fit the tubes. You may think that you bought the wrong size (like I did many times) but you didn’t! I promise they will fit!

SO- here is my chart to help you put this puzzle together:

DIY Copper Blanket Holder


This chart and the legend should help if you have any questions as to what pipe size goes where. I recommend starting with the bottom base first. It’ll help get everything else in place.


This was my base when I first made it. If you look closely, it’s a little askew. That’s because I didn’t realize that one side wasn’t pushed in as far as it would go. When you are putting them together, make sure you snap it in tightly. It’ll take some rounds but once you do the pipes should be all even.

It takes a LOT of patience but they will all go in! I promise! 🙂

DIY Copper Blanket Holder

And when they do, it should look like this! Who-hoo! Add your blankies and tadaa!

DIY Copper Blanket Holder


Now you have someplace to hang your blankets 🙂 Just in time for the cold. Alright sister, you’re welcome!

DIY Copper Pipe Blanket Holder

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