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DIY Wooden Triangle Shelves

Happy Good Friday everyone!!

I am dying to show you all my new wooden triangle shelves that I (and my dad) made for my new apartment! They look awesome and came out really good, but before I do that I just want to say a few words about today.

It’s been such a beautiful week (weather wise of course) and today is such a beautiful day to just remember the sacrifice our Lord Jesus made. Like I read on She Reads Truth this morning, today is such a bittersweet day. Bitter to think about the difficult, arduous and flat out outrageous suffering Jesus had to go through, but sweet to think about how that sacrifice made/makes us whole. Truly there are never enough words to describe all the feelings and thoughts our hearts go through these three days from Good Friday to Easter/Resurrection day. But just taking some time to breathe and thank HIM, to remember HIM solemnly yet with hope and joy in our hearts is a gift in itself.

But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners…” Romans 5:8 

I highly encourage us all to pause for a few minutes today, tomorrow and Sunday- just to let the reality sink in. Then offer up a grateful, thankful heart. We all have work to do, errands to run, places to be so I’m not asking that we take a whole day (although that would be nice) but just a few moments, after all we can never repay what He did for us, but we can offer thanksgiving and praise!! 🙂

Wooden Triangle Shelves

And now back to the shelves!

So, I saw these wooden triangle shelves on one of those online furniture sites like Dot & Bo. They were quite expensive though for only two shelves, so instead of doing that I was like, duh DIY! And of course,  Pinterest did not disappoint with a tutorial on how to make them myself!

To start off, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to pull it off since I didn’t have a miter saw. But ah, my dad did! So this project really became a give-my-dad-my-vision-and-let-him-go project! I purchased 4 wood boards from Lowe’s. I think mine were 1in X 2in X ?? (not sure how long they were, sorry!) and measured out 12 inches. Here my dad was measuring out on a sample board.

Triangle Shelves

The tricky part of this comes down to the angle of the cut you’ll make on the board. Set your Miter Saw to cut a 30 degree angle. As you can see on this pic below- the saw is set at the 30 mark. Also, make sure you stand the board up on it’s skinny side rather than cutting it flat like in the photo.

Triangle shelf

Once you make your first cut, measure out 12 inches from the longest tip. Then cut again the opposite way you cut the first angle. When you look at your cut board, the cuts should be coming in, not going in the same direction as if parallel. (If that doesn’t make sense, look at the pic of the final product) Here my brother took over. As you can see, there is a line at the end of the board where the next cut is going to be.

triangle cut

Once you get at least three cut the exact same length- put them together! Don’t freak out if at first they don’t come together ( I did!). They are going to line up like the photo below:

Triangle Shelf DIY

This triangle was the sample one we made and it measured 6 inches instead of 12. As you can see, one end of the board will be out and one will be butted up against another. Now just cut the rest of your board! Once you finished cutting, you’ll need to put them together. This part was hard for me because I tried first doing it with wood glue. While that did work, it was gong to take forever! So, instead my dad used wood glue but also nailed them to get them to come together faster.

If you like the natural wood color (which with the pine I used is really beautiful) then you are done! All you have to do is some light sanding on the hard cut edges and you’re through! I wanted a more earthy wood tone, so the next step was to stain it.

Wooden Triangle shelves

Here they all are!

Finished Triangle shelves

And finally, here’s a pic I snapped with them up on the gallery wall. It was evening time so the light might be off lol.

Finished triangle wooden shelves

Here’s a better photo:



They really add a lot of visual interest to the wall and are awesome for holding my baby succulents and cacti 🙂

That’s what I’ve got for ya this Friday! Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

——-UPDATE: Check out how they look in my new TINY ROOM here!!


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