Easy Drip Naked Cake

Ahh, cake. I love me some cake any day of the week! This particular Easy Drip Naked Cake might look fancy but the truth is it’s so simple to make that it doesn’t necessarily need a special occasion to debut itself! My birthday was coming up in March- a pretty significant birthday I might add- and I wanted something special, but I didn’t want to just go out and buy something. I’ve always loved the look of naked cakes so when I saw the naked cakes with the drip chocolate, I knew I had to try. That’s how my Easy Drip Naked Cake came about! The best part of this cake for baking newbies is that you can use BOX cake and still make a beautiful, great tasting cake!


The trick to making sure that you can layer your box cakes is not overflowing the pans you use. I used 2 box cakes for a total of 4 layers for this cake. Once the cakes cooled, I used a bread knife to level them and make them even on the top, cutting off the little mound that usually peaks during baking.


You can use store bought icing or make your own for in between the layers of cake. For my icing, I made a raspberry icing which just uses a traditional icing recipe mixed up with raspberry jam. The icing will help keep the layers secure and fill in any gaps.

Once you’ve layered your cakes with the in between icing, you can use regular vanilla icing to create the naked look. First, you ice the entire cake. Don’t worry about how it looks or if you’re icing evenly. The point is to get the most icing and cover the entire cake. Now, you take a small piece of cardboard and place the edge of the cardboard on the side of the cake. Then you slowly turn your cake (a lazy susan would help here) and as you turn your cake you press the cardboard into the cake, slowly scraping off the excess icing. Don’t press hard enough that you completely take the entire icing off or start crumbling the cake. If you’re pressing firmly and at the right angle, you should be scraping off the excess icing, and leaving all the icing in the grooves of the cake. You should be able to see the color of the cake and a thin layer of icing still.


Continue doing this to the whole cake. When you get to the top you do the same, making sure to edge up the sides that meet the top as well.

Put it in the fridge overnight or at least some hours before you start the drip chocolate part. The icing needs to harden up in order for the chocolate to take well.

When I first tried the chocolate part- well it didn’t go so great. Has anyone ever heard of chocolate seizing? It’s a thing, people! When you try and melt chocolate, particularly over the stove you run the risk of trying to melt at too high a temperature, and your chocolate seizes. That means it refuses to melt and it turns into a lumpy mess. I first tried making the drips with white chocolate, but since white chocolate has a lower melt temperature I seized it up :(. Milk chocolate is a lot easier to handle, so I went with milk chocolate!


If you need to add some canola oil to make your chocolate smooth enough to pour, do so while it’s in it’s melting stage. Once you’ve gotten to a pourable consistency, pull out your cake! Using a spoon scoop some chocolate and first pour right on the edge of your cake to create the drips. Most people think that you pour your chocolate at the center of the cake, but then your drips would come down as a wave, not as drips. Keep scooping with your spoon and dripping on all the edges of your cake. You can also spoon the chocolate into a piping bag and do the same thing.

Once you’ve covered all the edges and are satisfied with your drips, then you can fill in the top with the rest of the chocolate. Let it dry and place it in the fridge to harden.

Now is when you can really get creative! I just added donut holes to mine, but you can add flowers, fruit, or other treats 🙂 I wished that I could have put mini donuts, but I couldn’t find any here in Guatemala.


And that’s it! It’s such a pretty cake but so simple! You don’t have to be a great baker to have a pretty cake for a special occasion. Now all it needs is a little scoop of ice cream 🙂


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