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Friendsgiving Ideas

It’s that time of year again; time to gather your friends and throw an epic Friendsgiving party! Thanksgiving can seem a little daunting, but Friendsgivings aren’t too far behind. If you’re feeling a little anxious about how to pull off your Friendsgiving, read on! Here are some tips and ideas to make your Friendsgiving unique and stress-free.

Friendsgiving Ideas:

  1. Divey up the meal! This isn’t the 1950’s nor an episode of Friends– share the cooking responsibilities and you’ll be the happiest host. Cooking an entire meal for yourself is hard enough, just imagine what that means for Friendsgiving. Instead of taking on all the responsibilities, let others sign up for a home cooked meal they could bring (try making it on a Google Document) or politely delegate. Perhaps you can even share the item with a recipe (ex: You’re making the mashed potatoes! Here’s a recipe to help you mash those taters!), or something the like. Speaking of Mashed Potatoes, here’s one recipe you can pull off and lots more ideas from Brit.Co!

2. No Turkey? No Problem! Point one brings us to point two- there doesn’t need to be a turkey involved! Cooking an entire turkey is HARD, people. No one said it’s a MUST at a Friendsgiving. If you’re one of those that breaks out in hives when you think of the hours-long process of turkey basting, instead try making the main meal something different and easier, like this Buttermilk Brined Cornish Hen from Kitchen Confident or, heck, grab some chicken wings and thighs and make a night of it. The fun of Friendsgiving is branching out from the traditional and making it you and your friends meal.

3. Change the venue! Traditional place settings, dining room, and seating chart really not your thing? Perhaps a venue change is what’s in order. Try taking the meal outdoors and hosting a Friendsgiving in the Forest like I did in partnership with Jar of Lemons a few years back! Throw a fire pit and blankets in the mix and you’ve got a cozy gathering under the trees.

4. Get fancy with real plates, real forks and knives and real glassware. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for plastic in this world like picnics, ball games etc., but not at an adulting Friendsgiving party! Up the norm by using real dishware. If you only have the 4 plates and cups that was gifted to you when you got to college, try visiting thrift stores to score some pretty nice stuff! No one said that everything had to match so instead find stuff that’s all in the same vicinity (beiges, whites, hand painted etc.). That way you have some cohesive looks! Also, try DIYing some of your stuff; spray paint can do wonders. Here are some ideas: Bronzed Glass Plates and Silverware 

5. Create a signature drink! This has been known for weddings, but you can easily transfer the idea to your Friendsgiving. Take a vote or make an executive decision and create a signature drink to have on hand (like this Apple and Pumpkin Beer Cocktail via Cooking and Beer). Include all the other drinks your party might like but creating a signature drink can tie in theme, which brings us to the next part…

6. Decorations! Decor is the best part of a Friendsgiving! Poll your friends and find a style that will make for gorgeous photos and can give people a reason to dress up. Here are some of the Most Popular Friendsgiving Trends around.

7. Have something to do besides eat! We know Friendsgivings center around food, but having an additional element always helps. Try setting out coloring pages at place settings with colored pencils, or hosting a friendly game of football before eating. Perhaps a Fall/Thanksgiving themed charades  (because who doesn’t like charades after a few drinks) or something as simple as everyone going around and sharing something they are thankful (like this What I’m Thankful for Wall Chart by Inspired By This) for can open up the floor for great conversation.

8. Dessert for all! Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie are the classics but instead of sticking to store-bought try out some new recipes that’ll appease even the most gluten intolerant. Try this easy crowd pleaser, Mini Cranberry Pies by Jar of Lemons – personal size for an even cuter touch!

Your Friendsgiving is going to be a blast this year! But the most important thing to remember is: Don’t forget your clean-up crew!


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