Friendsgiving in the Forest: DIY Picnic Table

Hello Friends!! I am beyond excited to share something great with you!! SO as you all know I’ve been announcing a really fun joint post with Jar of Lemons and today is launch day!

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YESSSS!! Friendsgiving in the forest, folks! Jar of Lemons and I teamed up to bring you 3 days of everything Friendsgiving, from making your own outside picnic table to ammmaaazzing dishes you can prepare yourself! We know not everyone gets to go home on Thanksgiving (and actually almost all of us have friendsgivings at this time of year anyway) so we wanted to help you throw an awesome Friendsgiving.

For those of you that are like, um Friendsgiving?? According to the Urban Dictionary (oh, yes I did) this is the definition:

Friendsgiving: (noun)

The celebration of Thanksgiving dinner with your friends. This usually occurs on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, since Thanksgiving is usually reserved for family gatherings.

Here’s how you can use it in a sentence: “Hey guys, bring over your family leftovers to my house on the Friday after Thanksgiving to celebrate Friendsgiving!”

GREAT! Now that we all understand Friendsgiving, here’s what you need to know about Friendsgiving in the forest week:

Friendsgiving in the Forest Week:

  • ALL the DIY posts on how to make, create, transform, and decorate your table for Friendsgiving will be here on Well-Made Heart!
  • ALL the yummy food recipes to make you drool, salivate and to make your stomach grumble will be on Jar of Lemons!
  • Starting today, Wednesday Nov. 11 and Friday Nov. 14, you can get your Friendsgiving fix on both sites.
  • There will be lots of photos. LOTS.
  • We love questions so feel free to ask any you’d like!

Oh and one last note. NO, your Friendsgiving doesn’t have to be in a forest 😉

TODAY on Jar of lemons, you’ll find the recipe to these scrumptious foods:

Mini bundt stuffing

Healthy Mini Bundt Stuffing


Pomegranate Butternut Squash Quinoa Salad 

AFTER reading this post, head on over to Jar of Lemons check the recipes out!

ALRIGHT NOW let’s dig in.

I’m starting Friendsgiving in the forest week with probably one of the most important DIY’s in this mini-series: THE TABLE! Yes, yes, the table. When Jar of Lemons and I decided we wanted to create this mini-series we thought, eh maybe we can have just a regular picnic, you know, where you eat off your lap basically…..and then we decided um, maybe eating turkey with cranberry sauce dripping, regular picnic style isn’t the best idea. But I’d seen these amazing picnic type tables that are a normal table with just shorter legs on Pinterest, and I figured it wouldn’t be that hard, right? Well, I was right!

Check it: This is the table folks!

Picnic Table

Yes, this beauty just takes a few supplies and some painting sass.

Let’s take a naked table look..


So this is what you’ll need:

  • 4 1×6 boards at 5 ft long ( I bought 2 10ft long boards and had the store cut them in half)
  • 4 table legs- I bought the Waddell 14in Pine Traditional Wood legs
  • 4 Waddell Top plates (to screw the legs into)
  • 2 scraps of wood at least 3 ft. wide
  • Screws
  • Paint/stain in whatever color you’d like- I used Varathane Weathered Gray and Kona
  • Wood Glue
  • Optional: metal brackets

Like I mentioned, I bought two 10 feet long boards and had the store cut them in half for me so that they’d be 5 ft. The table ends up being 3×5.

Okay, so start by placing your four boards together.

Next, add glue to the 2 scraps of wood that are 3 feet long. Place them down onto the four boards to keep them together.

DIY Table

This is the kind of glue I used- it’s a lot faster and stronger than the regular wood glue.

DIY Table

After you put both glue boards down, add some screws to each to keep everything in place. It doesn’t matter quite where as long as you get at least two into every board.

Your table should look like this (minus the metal edges). It’s coming together fast, right?? I told you!

DIY Table

Okay so the metal edges are really just to add a little more stability. They aren’t necessary but we had them lying around from a previous project of course!

So we made some holes in each bracket as so.

DIY Table

Go ahead and screw the metal brackets down if you are using them.

Now you can add your metal plates for the legs.

Screw those into each corner. Each plate comes with a set of screws so you don’t have to do much! They really are my favorite to use!

DIY Table

I got the triangle corner ones, but the regular square plates work just as well. Just make sure they are the straight ones, not the angled legs ones. You can find them near the wooden legs in your hardware store.

So screw all your legs on (the legs come with a screw inside 🙂 ) and tadaa!

DIY Table

It’s pretty much complete and seriously maybe 20 mins max! Incredible lol.

Now you sand.

DIY Table

Give a good sand down making sure to get all those nooks and crannies that might be sharp. This also helps in evening out the boards.

Next paint! Okay so for the paint, this is what I used:

DIY Table

You can’t really tell lol, but it’s Varathane: Weathered Gray (OH and about my nails…just read this post and you’ll understand 🙂 )

Okay so start by dipping your regular paintbrush into the paint and painting long strokes onto the table top. Don’t re-dip when you run out of paint. What you are trying to do is DRY BRUSH so that you get that really weathered look.

DIY Table

Go over sections of paint with your dry brush to better thin out the paint. I would re-dip when I really was leaving nothing behind, and then I’d brush and brush and brush.

DIY Table

I let the pine board show underneath to just give it that- I found this antique gem at an awesome flea market that you can never go to– look.

Next, take a sponge brush and dip the tip into some Varathane Kona stain.

DIY Table

What you want to do with the sponge brush is just make streaks on the table. Do maybe two or three at a time and then immediately take your regular brush that you just used with the gray paint and go over the brown streaks.

DIY Table

Brush them the same direction that you were doing the dry brushing with the gray. Continue on the whole table!

DIY Table

Just streak, then dry brush. Streak, then dry brush. And if you want you can give it another light sand to complete the look.

Next, you do the same with the legs!

DIY Table

Dry brush the legs and add the kona. No need to sand these guys.

AND YOU ARE DONE! Um, with drying and all that took maybe 2 hours?!? Who knew making a table was so easy!

DIY Table

AND look how awesome it looks all decorated 🙂


And even better with all the fixins’ 🙂 This has been DAY ONE of our Friendsgiving in the Forest Mini-Series! Come on back on Wednesday to get your second helping! Don’t forget to follow on ALL the social medias for more photos!



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