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Homemade Larabar

Something about the thought of Valentine’s Day always gets my inner sweet tooth going. I, if you haven’t already guessed, have a huuuuge sweet tooth and, unfortunately for it, am trying to kill it this January, lol. I’m mid-FODMAP diet right now and my sweet tooth is definitely fighting back. I’ve suffered with Irritable Bowel Syndrome for a while and decided this January that I’d try the diet to help ease my symptoms. So far it’s been pretty great but the closer Valentine’s day gets the more I want to bake, and sprinkle, and EAT all the pink chocolates/pastries/what-ever-other-sugar-carb-out-here. HELP.

ENTER a wonderful paleo, Whole30 compliant “treat”: the homemade Larabar.

Yessss. This is it. Not only is it so much cheaper to make your own, it seriously hits that sweet spot! I first made this a few years back when I was on Whole30 and loved it. The best part is that you can make so many variations with just basic ingredients.

Anyone on Whole30, special diet or just wanting to eat something naturally sweet, this is IT. I really want to try and make the carrot cake one next!  Click here for the recipe.

I think I might have to make mine into heart shapes just to make myself feel better :/ lol. Enjoy!