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New Year Brainstorm Printable

How’s your 2018 so far?

I’m still on the New Year kick as I probably will be the whole month of January. I’m dedicating this month to inspiration, buckling down and making plans, and clearing/clarifying those plans.

What about you? Needing a little creative boost? How about a New Year Brainstorm Printable?

New Year Brainstorm Printable

This weekend I spent some time revisiting some ideas of dreams past and decided to make a simple watercolor printable to share with you! It’s meant to get those creative juices flowing, to brainstorm about what you’d love this year – because that’s what it did for me. There’s no right or wrong way to use it! I decided to just place one simple statement and let the ideas flow around it.

The free printable just has the main statement in the middle so that you can decide what the rest will look like!


Feel free to print and fill out! Just click HERE and download!

I’m dedicating this month to lots of focus and detail for the future Well-Made Heart, so I’ll be sharing fewer posts during the week. Just part of the plan! Happy Monday 🙂