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Place Setting Ideas and tips

It’s officially November! Whoooo! We made it through a month of orange and pumpkins to arrive safely to a month of FOOD! And with food comes, guests, and dishes, and table settings and centerpieces! It truly is one of my absolute favorite months; I LOVE Thanksgiving 🙂

Place Setting Ideas:

I also love making the dining table sparkle with extra plates and name settings and all that good stuff. If you’ve never really had any idea of how to make your table look better than just your everyday setting, then read on. I’ve got some tips that will make it just a tad easier this year. I’ve also grabbed everyday items to show you a quick and really simple way you can dress up your place settings.

Place Setting tips:

  1. Start with your plates. Group or stack them so that you create depth and height. Place your larger dinner plate first, then stack your salad plate, and finally, you can add the bowl. Don’t be scared to use different types of china! Cohesive with the same colored set, or free and boho with different colors.
  2. Use a placemat or a charger. A placemat is a more traditional feel, but a charger can add dimension with the same concept as a placemat. The charger is usually like a large flat plate that can have designs for a different look.
  3. Bring out the silverware. Nowadays, there is silverware in a variety of colors, not just silver. Use the more modern copper and gold looks for a little bit of pizazz. This is the occasion where you can use and lay out ALL the forks, spoons and knives for added design.
  4. Use more than one drinking glass. Remember those etiquette classes in college (I don’t either), now is when you can place your wine or brandy glass next to a water glass.

In the coming weeks, I’m excited to share full tablescape ideas! But even if full-blown tablescaping isn’t your thing, you can really use anything around the house to give your table color and life.

I grabbed a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl all in the same clean, white color and layered them. Then, knowing I wanted to stick to a clean organic color palette, I went for the green, yellows, and tans. Using simple fruit (even the lime) I added color and dimension although I kept the table and napkin the more neutral colors.

I love name places so again with the organic theme, I used magnolia leaves (like in my magnolia wreath) and added a name with a gold marker.

Lastly, I added a gold-rimmed champagne glass to tie the warm gold tone in the name and voila! So easy, and not expensive at all! It’s all about being creative with what’s around you.

Happy November!

Use organic, simple concepts for your place settings this Thanksgiving! Easy gold lettering on a magnolia leaf!

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