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Polymer Clay Planters

It feels like spring. And I love it. I know, I know it’s not spring (because it’s not my birthday yet, duh) but last Saturday I got up early for a workout and low and behold- the dewy morning SO felt like Spring. It was rainy and warm-ish and it SMELLED like Spring! Then Sunday I went to the Farmers Market and yup, everyone in Dallas was there enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather because it really felt like Spring!

So naturally, my inclination has gone straight to plants! I get that February tends to be one of the coldest months here in Dallas and we’ve still gotta get through Valentine’s day (which I also love) but at least for today let me have my Spring! Since moving my desk around I’m able to enjoy my windowsill plants a whole lot more. Something about reading or doing desk work (also known as cruising Pinterest) and just being able to look up at my plants makes me so happy. It’s the little things, people. What I don’t necessarily love about my little plants are their planters- they’ve been in their same flower pots as when I bought them. That’s not good.

Polymer Clay Planters DIY:

So, what to do, what to do… I love all the little fun planters I’ve seen with faces and hair and all that but I wanted something a little more standout-ish. Then I remembered my leftover polymer clay from when I made the DIY Marble Coasters! Super simple and easy to use it turned out to be the perfect solution to perk up my plants 🙂

Here’s what I made!

I’ve got the cactus guy, the pretty in pink, and the duck lips planter! I know, very original on that last one.

And if you didn’t notice- this is my tiny reading girl atop the spikey guy! I love her. She looks so comfy up there just reading away.

Polymer Clay Planters:

Cactus guy:

  • Polymer clay
  • Hot glue gun and glue (or crazy glue)
  • green paint
  • white paint

This guy was super simple. Just take your clay and depending on how big your planter is, separate two small balls of clay. Roll them into logs and then curve them up. Fit them to your pot- making sure to press firmly so that the clay takes the shape it needs for when you glue it. Once you’ve baked your clay (I baked mine all at the same time) and let it cool, glue it to your pot. Lastly, paint however you’d please!

Duck Lips:

  • Polymer Clay
  • White paint or spray paint
  • pink/red acrylic paint for lips
  • gold acrylic paint (or whatever color you choose)
  • hot glue gun and glue (crazy glue)

Same concept as the cactus guy! Just mold out your lips to whatever size you’d like. You can really make anything – a nose, eyes, ears! I just wanted the lips 🙂 I also opted to just spray paint my pot vs painting it. After baking and cooling, glue and paint! Easy-peasy.

This poor planter is waiting for its tenant. Unfortunately, the succulent I was going to move into it was too BIG. Oh well, guess I just gotta go buy more plantsssss.

Pretty in Pink:

  • White Polymer Clay
  • Pink paint or spray paint
  • Hot Glue gun and glue
  • For girl:
    • paint in pink, brown, blue, peach

I opted to keep my little white polka-dot balls white so I spray painted the pot before adding them. All I did was take tiny piece of the polymer clay, rolled and baked them. You can also spray them after all together for a muted but detailed look. All the steps are the same as the other planters- bake, cool, glue, smile.

For the girl- very carefully build out her body first. It takes a little finesse but depending on how small or big you want the figure you can use an Exacto knife or another item to sculpt. She’s super fragile until you bake her. Also, since she was so small she only baked for about 8 minutes. The other items need to bake per the instructions on your packaging. After she cooled it was just time to paint her. I lastly added her atop the plant with a TINY dab of glue.

Here’s her close up:

So fun, right?!

And now I can go back into winter mode… I think. But FIRST, lemme visit the Farmers Market real quick. 😉


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  1. April 4, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Tell me about your shop—sounds cute. If you look for other crafters to help fill your shelves let me know. The latest things I’m making is Memory everything—wall hangings of quilted linens/laces/buttons, table runners, quilts, bunnies, bears out of baby/ children/adult clothing and much more. It’s so much fun to hear the “Oh, my gosh” when the customer picks up their items. Thanks for the poly clay advice,

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