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Scripture Cards on Gratitude and Hospitality 

I love this time of year with the gatherings and the coziness- but this time of year can also be a very stressful time. Sometimes family can get a little too cozy or gatherings can become a little too hectic. I love fall in general because I really feel that the Lord refreshes me every fall; as the leaves fade a new wind picks up in me and I’m always so refreshed in him. That doesn’t mean that the stress isn’t there though! There just seems to be a sweetness in the gratitude and thankfulness of the season. When the stress of the season is overpowering, however, I always turn to scripture to remind me of just how thankful and grateful I should be.

Scripture Cards on Gratitude and Hospitality

A few years ago I created the Thankfulness Scripture Cards that became big hits! What would the fall season be without these? This year I wanted to create new Scripture Cards specifically for Gratitude and Hospitality. We open our homes and hearts and sometimes, regardless of how great our pumpkin pie may be, we get hurt, overlooked and burnt out (no pun intended) by other people’s attitudes and behavior. We are called to be hospitable to all, even to those that frankly, sometimes just don’t deserve it. To download, just click on any image (not on the PIN button).

These cards will be great for those time when your house is full, but maybe your heart is not. Print them out, place them in your kitchen as you’re prepping those dishes or even on your fireplace mantel as you’re gathering around for the night. We all need reminders to strengthen our hearts and to turn with full gratitude to the Lord.

You can print them in two sizes depending on your printer. The large size is the “fit” option, and the smaller is the “scale to fit”. 

I really hope you enjoy these! Go ahead and download my previous Thankfulness Scripture Cards as well!

Free Printable Scripture Cards on Gratitude and Hospitality! Perfect for this season!

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