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Six ideas to start this new year right!

Well, folks- the first week of the year is over! We did it! We’ve made it through one week and now we only have 51 more weeks to go. I know what you’re thinking- thanks for reminding me- but really, it’s actually quite exciting. I know that depending on who you are this could be an anxiety-inducing thought (sorry).

This first week was actually a little bit tough for me, but still so good. Besides getting to visit my cousin and fellow blogger Christine in Oklahoma (seriously, go check out her site, Jar of Lemons! Perfect for this time of year with all the good eating goals and such…) I also got to think through some harder ideas and goals for this year. After choosing my Word of the Year, (if you haven’t chosen one yet, go do it now! Get a really pretty free printable!) I buckled down and decided things like what changes and goals I had for Well-Made Heart, new healthy habits I wanted to form, and overall spiritual aspects I wanted to tap into. Even with all that said, this week was still a tough week! Sometimes I think we have expectations that can be a little too high for the first week of a new year. We want to feel different, want our new habits to feel normal and want to leave everything from the past year behind.

The reality is that the new year is another week in our lives. Sounds quite basic but also such a good reminder for those of us who put so much on fresh starts. All this to say: If you’ve already been disillusioned with this new year or even if you haven’t been, I have 6 simple ideas that could really help you feel that you’ve turned a new leaf and become ready for anything this year can throw at you! These ideas are straight from my journal and are ideas I’m incorporating into my life!

These are some basic firsts:

  1. Wake up early! Everyone says it but I cannot attest enough how good this actually is. I’ve been slacking these past months but I’m back to my old ways and waking up early is one good habit I don’t want to lose. Don’t believe it’s worth it? Read reasons why here or look below!

2. Journal/pray or meditate. This goes well with the first one! There’s something about journaling that helps relieve pressure in my brain, lol. I’m sure there’s a better way to say that! And connecting with God through prayer is not only good for your soul and relationship with Him, studies show that even meditating can help you learn to focus and achieve more. Prayer is so crucial for my spiritual life but sometimes it just gets away from me. These days it’s so soul-saving that it’s become part of my daily routine.

3. Decide on one new habit. This can be something from making your bed every day in the morning to a new healthy habit with your diet. There are tons of ideas out there- but here are a few that could be easy to continue past 30 days or here are some simple ideas.


Now some less conventional ideas!

4. Be intentional. This one sounds a lot easier than it is! Be intentional in the reasons and the way you do things! For me, this means intentional with friends- those close and less close ones- and be intentional in my friendships with them. I also want to be intentional in my spending, my choices of clothing, and my decisions in my career/future, even my DIYs! I am normally a go-with-whatever free spirit, and I love that. But I also want to be wise with the steps I take. Being intentional with my life is a wise way to live.

5.  Read. A. Lot. I love reading, always have. This year I don’t want to limit myself in this area. I’m choosing to read things that will help me spiritually, help me understand myself better, but also books that I can just enjoy, like some fictions. I’ve even made it a point to convince some friends to start a book club with me! These friends are not your typical conventional book club readers, so this will help me hit my reading goal as well as the intentional friendships goal!

6.  Use creativity to reduce stress. Stress was such a huge part of 2017 for me. I love watercoloring and DIYing and try to do it often but this year I really want to make it part of my stress-free routine. Find what works with you – something that makes your creative juices flow! Stress is such a part of our lives these days and it’s literally killing us. For me, reducing stress is through my creativity. Here are a ton of ideas from pinterest if you need them!

If you’re still deciding on your new year resolutions or goals then try downloading this free printable from Jujusprinkles.com– I loved the greenery in this one.

Happy second week of the year!


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