Springtime Inspiration & Photo Dump Day

It hits me every spring: the inspiration bug! The need to search, seek, find, and acquire something pretty, fresh, colorful and most likely floral. It’s almost always the season I bust out my watercolors and attempt (yes, attempt because Lord knows how many of my paintings go in the trash pile) to capture the life around me in full color and detail. I don’t quite hit it as well as I’d like but you know what, thank goodness for photos! Because where my lack of skills derails my dreams of keeping a beautiful watercolor journal, the photos I take prove that the pink and blue blobs of color on my paper were indeed a beautiful garden rose and sky.

The only thing that sucks though, is keeping all my photos in my phone. I’m notorious for just keeping them there, hidden and for my view only then eventually erasing them. Nope, not even posting on FB or Insta because, well, I’m sure no one wants to see another volcano in Guatemala, lolz. But guess what, there is one place that I can dump them…HERE! On my own blog. So anyone averse to photos of flowers, gardens, old architecture, and food well, look awayyyyy because if you scroll anymore you’re not gonna like what you see. Everyone else, you’re welcome!

Here’s my first post (of many) on “Pictures Cari keeps on her phone just because” or also known as Photo Dump Day!

First up: Semana Santa (Holy Week) doors in Antigua & the sawdust “carpets” tradition! So glad I’ve gotten to experience it two years in a row.








Yay for old traditions! Next up, beautiful architecture! Old and falling apart just makes it better 🙂 I love the look and colors of these old buildings. >sigh< I’ll capture you in watercolor one day, old one.




These next are from my stay in Antigua with my parents. Our hotel was a really pretty little hotel with a wonderful design. Again with the architecture, I know, I know lol.





Here’s my feeble attempt at that yellow arch:


Next up: Secret Garden oasis. A can just breathe the fresh air when I look at these photos. So calming.






And last: randoms! Still purty though




What goes better with colorful food than watercolors? nothing!

So there you have it. Looking for inspirational photos? Then look no further because I’ve got them all and now that I’ve unleashed them from their phone jail they are free to make anyone’s day brighter. Can’t wait to store up more photos on my phone for next month’s Photo Dump Day!


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